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Welcome! is the premiere match site for recruiters and candidates... is a free online recruitment service that links recruiters, candidates, and HR departments together based on similar profile interests.

Sign up and create your own profile. Once you have registered with, your information is stored and can be viewed by other members at no cost to you.  With an expansive inventory of candidates and recruiters, LinkMyRecruiter uses its proprietary active search engine to link candidates and recruiters profiles in seconds with just one click.

Without having to spend a penny you can begin the search process today! So stop wasting time searching the web for your ideal recruiter or candidate connection and put LinkMyRecruiter to work for you.

Why is right for me??  

Candidates create a profile on LinkMyRecruiter which helps find the perfect recruiter for them.  Candidates will automatically be matched to recruiters in their preferred industry, job location, salary ranges, and more. 

Recruiters no longer have to spend hours cold calling candidates.  With LinkMyRecruiter, recruiters can instead spend time connecting with interested candidates that are seeking the types of jobs you specialize in staffing. 

HR Department representatives not only want to find the perfect candidates for job openings, but you also may need to find external recruiters to assist in the recruiting process.  With LinkMyRecruiter an HR Department has the ability to search both candidates and recruiters and find the perfect connection based on industry, job location, and more.

"Using Link My Recruiter, I found candidates in the specific industry and salary range my client was seeking."
"This site was a valuable resource in finding the perfect recruiter for me."
HR Departments
"As a Human Resource manager, I now have a running list of candidates thanks to your site."
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